How to Organize Your Garage

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Garages are not always as tidy and neat as they are supposed to be. Most people store discarded items and cluster in their homes; they are unwilling to throw it away thinking they may need it sometime in the future. These items usually end up in the garage. By the end of the day you hardly have some place to park your car. You should do something about that!

Cars are not cheap and leaving them outdoors during harsh weather is just asking for uncalled for wear-n-tear. For instance, hailstorms can cause serious damage to a car by causing dents, shattered glass, chipped paint, etc. Keeping your garage safe and clean just adds one less thing to stress about in our fast pace lives. It may take a couple of hours, but it is definitely worth the effort and time.

Do not forget about the hazardous materials people store in their garages. Paint cans, pesticides, and automotive waste such as antifreeze. Be as careful as possible with these materials, and always keep them out of reach from small children and pets! Keep them within cabinets that you can lock or at least secure tight. If you have waste that you cannot use anymore – like a half empty paint can or anything expired, then it would be best if you take it to hazardous waste facilities where they can be recycled or get rid of safely.

Suppose your garage is already safe from hazardous material. You still have a lot to do. For a start, you could get nice shelves in your garage, and place discarded objects onto them. Hang your gardening tools on hooks where you can reach them easily, yet they take little space. Always place your extension chords onto the shelves or hang onto hooks as well, do not keep them on the floor. Any moisture and dampness can be dangerous.

If you happen to have smoke detectors in your garage you should be replacing the batteries every six month. Be sure the smoke detectors are up to date since this could result in saving you or your family’s lives.

You can re-use the boxes and plastic bags you keep in your garage. There is no need to buy new bags and boxes, only to have more clutter in your home. Clean out old boxes and use them! You can also re-use old jars. Take them to the garage and store nails or other small items in them. If you have a storage tote drill a hole into the head just in case a pet gets trapped inside. Keep other living beings safe!

Instead of rugs – that have fire hazard written all over them and get beyond dirty and dusty very easily; install rubber tiles in your garage. It is much easier to clean and a bit softer to walk on especially when you’re working in the garage.

Once you have decided to clean up your garage, go through every box and shelf, and do get rid of things that you do not use anymore. Do not keep ancient, broken objects only for the fun of it. Sort these things into three piles: some of them you may want to keep indeed, but others you should give away or sell. Others might be beyond help – throw them away.

Do not keep paper goods like old newspapers in the garage. From mildew to bugs and dirt, they may become ugly over time. Broken electric devices also should be placed elsewhere. Dampness can make them unsafe. Think of a garage like a home; keep it safe and as much as possible hazardous free!

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