It’s Time To Organize Your Desk

organizer your desk

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organizer your desk

10 Steps to Organize your Desk

Having a neat work space is important, it is shown that a cleaner workplace helps to foster creativity and improves productivity. An organized desk also makes you look professional so here are 10 steps to help you organize your desk.

1. Start Clean

Don’t try and fix an already disorganized messy desk, clean all of your things out put them and boxes and prioritize what you need. Start clean and add what is necessary, eliminating old papers, empty pens, and other unnecessary items from your desk.

2. Organize and Prioritize

Always using a notepad or needing to grab a particular file? Prioritize your desk by placing the most important items closest to you. Pens, pencils, and other important items used most often should be in your top drawer. Organize these important items by ease of use making your work day go quicker without having to fumble for that particular file or item.


Too many items on your desk can be overwhelming and distracting. Don’t have too many pictures taking up space, one or two at most. Allow a clock, calendar, lamp and a computer; make sure you have enough space to do any writing or organizing any regular day tasks.

4. Important Items

Your keys, wallet or any other important should be put in a drawer with a lock. Just because you are at work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be safe with your items. If you use items such as your cell phone charger often at work keep it near an outlet and so you can easily plug in your cell phone. Keep frequently used and important items in safe convenient places.

5. Notepads/Sticky Notes

Keep notepads and sticky notes easily available for when you quickly need to jot down a phone number or reminder. Always have more than one so you are never searching for a piece of paper. By also having specific notepads for information such as contacts will make it easier for you when searching for that particular phone number.

6. Organizing Files

Have your most used files closest to you and neatly organized. Make sure your folders are easy to access. Keep in your desk drawers files you use weekly or that are confidential. Sort your files on your desk into categories, not just an inbox/outbox. Considering organizing them by To Do, To Consider, Awaiting Answer, File, Hold, Read and Refer to get more specifically organized and not be searching through piles of paper.

7. Clean Up

Take ten minutes each day to reorganize your desk. At the end of each day prioritize your tasks for the next day and place them in the center of your desk to help start your day off right. This will also keep your desk neatly organized so you don’t need to start clean every few months or so, continual maintenance is a key part of keeping an organized desk.

8. Organize Electronics

Make sure your cable modem, wireless router or any other computer electronics are off of your desk and are neatly organized. Keep wires in check with twist ties and label which cord is for what. Cutting down on this clutter will help keep your desk organized and make it easier on you if you need to move your computer or other items.

9. Cleaning Supplies

Keep cleaning supplies such as paper towels, Windex, dust rags and other items needed readily available to keep your desk spotless. Having these items handy will make it quicker if you have an accident or just need to tidy up. Keeping these items around will also encourage you to clean your desk more often.

10. Lighting

Make sure you have proper lighting for your desk. With the right amount of lighting you are less likely to strain your eyes looking at your computer and paperwork. A bright work area is also easier to clean than a darker one.

Using these 10 steps to help organize your desk will help to make you more productive at work as well as help foster creativity. Continue to maintain and organize your desk daily to make your workspace optimal.

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