How to Organize Your Closet

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Shoes, blouses, jewelry and keepsakes Oh My! If your once tidy closet is now so disorganized that you can’t find that little black dress you think you can fit into now, or the birthday gift bags you stuffed in there somewhere last year, or two matching shoes, it’s time to organize your closet. Following are some great tips that will help you get started.

1. First you’ll need to figure out if you want to have a cool closet organizer installed or come up with ideas on your own. Once you’ve made up your mind you’ll need to take everything out of the closet (yeah I know but you have to). Go through everything and decide what you’re willing to part with and either sell or donate them if they’re still in good enough shape to donate. In other words, if you haven’t worn or used it for years, get rid of it.

2. If it fits your budget, closet systems are a great way to go because they help you make the most out of the available closet space. You’ll find that there are several systems available, including options like cubby storage, extra, built in drawers, hanging bars, etc. If you’re handy (or know someone who knows their way about a hammer and nails) and imaginative you can do it yourself and save money.

3. It may seem to be taking it a bit far, but color coding your wardrobe, arranging it by color from light to dark, will make finding things a whole lot easier, one of the main reasons to organize your closet.

4. Don’t have a lot of closet space? Consider free standing options like armoires. You can also buy wire shelving in cabinets (you’ll need to assemble) to maximize storage that make it easy to organize foldable clothes. Store seasonal accessories and sweaters in baskets on a top shelf and use small baskets for tights, socks, scarves, bras, etc. Over the door storage products and hooks are great space savers as well. Wood hanger may look nice, but they take up a lot of valuable inches so go with a slimmer options. Now, how about the shoes? Read on :-)

5. It’s all about the shoes isn’t it? At least for the ladies. If you can find one, you can use a cabinet with a shallow depth outside of the closet to store your shoes. The great thing about using a cabinet is that you can also keep it closed for an inconspicuous look and put fun knick knacks on top (or maybe some of your cutest shoes). If you have room in your closet, use shoe racks and keep your shoes organized and within easy reach. You can add a bit of flair to shoe racks as well by adding a fun splash of color. If you’re lucky enough to have a floor to ceiling cubby or enclave in your living space, attach a rack to the wall and hide it with an attractive curtain hung on a rod or even wood shades. A great idea for storing baby shoes is to use a wooden thread rack, a very clever idea (hey, a thread rack would also be great for hanging necklaces as well, hmmmm).

6. If you have a nice sized walk in closet, treat it like one of your favorite rooms (it is isn’t it?). Put in some nice lighting, add a fun wall color, add a chic floor rug and get creative when it comes to storing things like yoga mats (use a colorful umbrella stand or tall floor vase) and a colorful basket for your handbags, backpacks, etc.

Just imagine how great it’s going to feel to have a cleared out, clean, beautifully organized closet; fantastic right?

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